We try to make a lot of bold design and manufacturing choices, but that also means that the great people who take an interest in our watch often have a lot of curious questions. For your convenience we’ve posted a number of the most frequently asked questions and their respective answers below.
The deposit is a way for us to ensure we do not reserve watches for anyone who are not really serious about buying the watch, and also avoid flippers reserving all the watches without having to put down any skin-in-the-game. The deposit is however fully refundable at any time. To repay your deposit fee, you just have to write an email to info@arcanuat.dk with the subject line "Payback", the money will then be refunded and visible on your bank account within 5-10 business days.
We expect to begin orders for the ARC II - DM in Q1/Q2 2021, with shipping starting at the end of Q2 or beginning of Q3 2021, but we can't promise anything. Being a small independent brand means that there always has to be room for hick-ups, experimentation, and perfectionism. But we promise you that it will be well worth the wait!
When you have payed the €100 deposit, you have effectively reserved one of the 50 watches in the ARC II - D'arc Matter series. We expect to reveal the full ARC II - DM design very soon, and you'll be the first to see it. You'll then have two full weeks to make the actual order before anybody else, if you do not make the order within these two weeks, we reserve the right to sell off your watch to somebody else.
Because of the extremely ergonomic shape of our cases and straps, our models that measure 42 mm from lug-to-lug feels more like a 38-39 mm watch and fits almost all wrist sizes, large and small perfectly.
Serial numbers will be dedicated to each order accordingly to when you confirm your final order. This means that number 1 will be given to the person which makes the first order and so on. You will however be able to wish for three specific serial numbers open ordering, and we'll do our best to try and get you one of the numbers you asked for.
As a small independent brand with an extreme focus on quality and uniqueness, our business model depends on us knowing exactly how many watches we need to manufacturer. Putting yourself on the waitlist is not only a way for you to ensure you can get your hands of one of our limited editions, but also a great way for you to support independent watchmaking. ​We also take extra create care of the people on our waitlist, which also means you will get special offers like extra straps, and unique case back engravings that will only be available to people on the waitlist.
Yes, we know that a lot of brands boast of having a specific country of origin with only a tiny part of the actual production being in that country. Most watch brands, even big brands from Switzerland get most parts made in Asia, with only final testing and assembly done in the origin country. Here at Arcanaut we do however get most of our parts made here in Denmark, with only a tiny fraction being manufactured in other countries such as Switzerland and Sweden. This is not because we believe a CNC mill runs any better in Copenhagen than it does in China, but because we believe the greatest ideas comes when

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