Most people don’t know this, but we’re actually pretty famous. Jokes aside, we’re not, but our story, radical choices and unique product kicks up some interest here and there. We’re very honored to be part of a much larger conversation within the watch geek communities around the world, and for your convenience (and for the sake of our own egos) we’ll post relevant press clippings about us on this page.

Fratello Favorites: The Best Watches Released In 2022

"The wild and wacky colors do it for me with Fordite. The melting pot of fluid colors that might evoke Salvador Dali on acid… you know the type"

A blog to Watch Review: Arcanaut ARC II Fordite

"The end result is one of the most striking and visually compelling independent releases in recent memory, and one that remains balanced and impressively easy to wear."

Fratello Watches visits the Black Badger dent


Unfortunately, we can not read Japanese. However, our friend (Google Translate) reveals that these are positive words!

WatchBox Presents: Black Badger Unleashed – A Special Digital Event

“On Thursday, April 1, a dedicated panel of WatchBox experts met with James Thompson, A.K.A. Black Badger, A.K.A. The Godfather of Lume. This special digital event featured Tim Mosso, C’Q Gottlieb, Armand Johnston, Black Badger, and a live painting demonstration by Sunflowerman. The panelists virtually met Black Badger in his Partille, Sweden studio filled with not-to-be-believed gadgets, collections, and obscure engineering paraphernalia that left the WatchBox panelists entirely awestruck.”

Our very own Chief of Materials Development James Thompson from Black Badger, did this webinar with WatchBox Global. There’s a good bit about Arcanaut in there!

Tempus Furgit interview: A Few Minutes with Anders Brandt

“A Few Minutes with Anders Brandt – Okay, in fairness, some of you might be scratching your heads and saying something Henki-esque like, “A few minutes with who?” “

Fratello Watches visits the Black Badger dent

“The Black Badger is on a mission to redefine the concept of luxury, but not in the way you hear on a near-daily basis from start-ups and doe-eyed micros the world over. He doesn’t want to democratize luxury by making it easier for more consumers to access his products; he wants to democratize the materials that can be considered luxurious.”