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Arcanaut is an independent watch brand founded by two Danes, Anders Brandt and Simon Goldeman. The idea for the company came when the two met at a bar in Copenhagen back in 2015, and Anders called out Simon’s newly bought Swiss watch for having an overcomplicated dial design and poor ergonomics.

This beer-fueled conversation turned into a nightlong debate about watches and Danish design traditions – which would eventually lead to the two starting a new watch brand centered around the simple idea: A high-end watch with a downplayed yet very distinctive design language inspired by the traditions of Scandinavian design.

The idea of an “Understated yet Distinct” everyday watch took three years to develop, and after thousands of experiments, and lots of failed attempts, the company finally released the Swiss-made ARC I in 2018, a small “proof-of-concept” series which sold out almost immediately.

Building on this success, the next model, the ARC II D’Arc Matter (now also sold out), marks the beginning of an entirely new series of models with a strategic aim to push the boundaries of locally based Scandinavian manufacturing while staying true to the Scandinavian design tradition.

In 2020 industry heavyweight and famous exotic materials expert James Thompson, also known as Black Badger, joined the company as part owner and Chief of Materials Development.

Arcanaut watches are characterized by their focus on simple aesthetics, ergonomics and honesty in materials, all of which gives our watches a distinctive look and feel. To the best of our knowledge, we’re the only watch brand in the world to have a fully integrated and motionless square crown design, which protects the movement, heightens wearing comfort, and gives the case design it’s uniquely sleek look.

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Arcanaut Old days - Anders Brandt

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