Who are we?

Anders Brandt

Anders Brandt

Cheif designer & Brand Owner

Anders is a watch geek with an entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why he quit his day job, being a consultant who advised big players such as LEGO and Maersk on how to develop new products and services, in favor of working full-time with designing and making great watches. Anders’ basic yet radical philosophy is that he wants to make watches he’d love to wear himself - understated yet distinct. And that he wants to have fun while doing it.

James Thompson - Black Badger

Lume godfather & Brand Owner

James is all about experimenting. He’s come all the way from Canada to live in Sweden, and he makes jewellery out of materials you’ve never heard of for celebrities you’ve definitely heard of, like Robert Downey, Jr., Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robert De Niro. A true visionary who sees fascinating patterns and designs in just about everything, James has lent his creative genius to Arcanaut by becoming a co-owner of the company in 2020. His designs and materials help make Arcanaut watches truly unique.
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Arcanaut is a pan-Scandinavian watch brand founded in Copenhagen Denmark by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

We’re a team of makers, designers and not least die-hard watch geeks, all of whom have set out to create beautiful mechanical watches with an experimental and unconventional approach to Scandinavian design and craftsmanship. Our team is led by Chief Designer Anders Brandt (DK), and Chief of Materials Development James Thompson (SE).

Arcanaut watches are manufactured in Denmark with the use of mostly Scandinavian materials and components, and we’re always on the lookout for new inventive ways to develop, manufacture and incorporate Scandinavian parts in tune with our design philosophy.

We chose to focus on our own distinctive design language instead of drawing upon the usual watch stereotypes such as divers or pilots (because we most certainly aren’t either type ourselves), or tying their brand to any specific type of gimmick or marketing ploy.

Arcanaut is the abbreviation of the word “Arcane” (hidden knowledge) and “naut” (meaning traveler), which as Chief Designer & Brand Owner Anders Brandt explains is “The fanciest way of calling ourselves nerds, without actually calling ourselves nerds”. But now we’ve gone and done it anyway.

We see ourselves as proud geeks and humble seekers who are ready to study and explore new pathways into the sea of knowledge and skill that is watchmaking.

All our customers are invited on this journey as we explore uncharted waters within design, materials and craftsmanship, but bring some beer along the journey for good measure.

The mission

Sony is now a true electronics giant, but in the 1950s they had a simple yet grandiose vision: “To become the company most known for changing the worldwide poor-quality image of Japanese products” (their words, not ours). They managed to do so in a spectacular fashion, establishing in only a few decades the notion that, to quote Marty McFly, “all the best stuff is made in Japan”.

Sony’s success comes from them having a goal that really transcended Sony themselves and the industry they worked in. We’re no giants and don’t plan to be, but in the same way, our mission here at Arcanaut is to show the world that Scandinavian craftsmanship is still alive and kicking, and that it’s possible to design and manufacture things here without breaking the bank. We will demonstrate this with the unique design and quality of our watches worn by people all over the world.

Anders Brandt & James Thompson (Black Badger) - Arcanaut workshop

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