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If you’d like to tell us what you want to see from Arcanaut, suggest a creative project, or simply learn more about the brand, you can book a call with us directly. We look forward to getting to know you better. If you have a simple question, please use our chat or contact form.


Anders Brandt

Chief Designer & Brand Owner

Anders Brandt is a watch geek with an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why he quit his day job as a consultant who advised big players such as LEGO and Maersk on how to develop new products and services, in favor of working full-time with designing and making great watches for fellow watch nerds. Anders’ philosophy is that he wants to make watches he’d love to wear himself — understated yet distinct — and that he wants to have fun while doing it. Keep up with Anders on Instagram @mrabrandt.

James Thompson

Chief of Materials & Brand Owner

James Thompson AKA Black Badger is all about experimenting. He’s travelled halfway across the globe from Canada to live in Sweden, and he makes jewellery out of materials you’ve never heard of for celebrities you’ve definitely heard of, like Robert Downey, Jr., Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Robert De Niro. James sees fascinating patterns and designs in just about everything, and has been an integral part of the Arcanaut mission since coming on board as a part-owner in 2020. You can find him on Instagram @blackbadger

Rob Nudds

Head of Brand Development

Rob has 20 years' experience in the watchmaking industry and is a WOSTEP-qualified watchmaker. He left the bench behind to become the Overseas Account Manager for NOMOS Glashütte in 17 territories, establishing an international profile in the process. As a journalist, he has contributed to many of the widest-read watch media platforms in the world. In 2020, he established his own watchmaking consultancy, joining Arcanaut as Head of Brand Development in 2022. You can follow him on Instagram @robnudds.