The ARC II - D'Arc Matter

Combines the best of Scandinavian craftsmanship and design, and adds a bit of Black Badger awesomeness into a unique and contemporary design.

Anders Brandt

“ The ARC II - D'arc Matter is the next step in our vision to show that an unapologegic focus on understated yet distinct design, can create the next big thing in watchmaking... ”

Anders Brandt
Chief designer & Brand Owner



Arcanaut is a company created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. We are a team of makers, designers, and not least die-hard watch geeks, all of whom have set out to create beautiful mechanical watches, through an experimental and unconventional approach to Danish design. We are knowledge seekers and nerds who seek to create a watch designed for its original purpose; to tell time – a piece of functional art that is well placed on the wrist.

We would like to have you on board our journey. We believe that true perfection comes from an honest approach to business and design, where we are always ready to meet our customers and followers at eye level. On our blog, we tell about our passions and drivers, the ups and downs of creating something entirely new, and the ongoing development of the ARC II. Follow the blog or keep updated by signing up to our newsletter.

Arcanaut watches are made as much by the heart and passion found in traditional watchmaking, as the reasoning and thoughtfulness at the heart of Scandinavian design.

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