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What is Arcanaut? 

Arcanaut is a pan-Scandinavian watch brand founded in Copenhagen Denmark by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Our journey began with a conversation between Anders Brandt met Simon Goldeman in 2015, during which the unnecessarily convoluted designs and inflated prices of modern luxury watches were questioned. Resolving to do better, Goldeman and Brandt set to work laying the foundations that would become the Arcanaut brand today.

The idea took three years to develop. After thousands of experiments and lots of failed attempts, the company finally released the Swiss-made ARC-I in 2018, a small “proof-of-concept” series which sold out almost immediately.

Building on this success, the next model, the ARC-II D’Arc Matter (now also sold out), marked the beginning of an entirely new series of models with a strategic aim to push the boundaries of locally based Scandinavian manufacturing while staying true to the Scandinavian design tradition.

We’re a team of makers, designers and not least die-hard watch geeks, all of whom have set out to create beautiful mechanical watches with an experimental and unconventional approach to Scandinavian design and craftsmanship.

We chose to focus on our own distinctive design language instead of drawing upon the usual watch stereotypes such as dive or aviation watches (because we most certainly aren’t divers or pilots ourselves), or tying their brand to any specific type of gimmick or marketing ploy.

Arcanaut is the abbreviation of the word “Arcane” (hidden knowledge) and “naut” (meaning traveler). 

Arcanaut watches are characterized by their focus on simple aesthetics, ergonomics and honesty in materials. These core principles give our watches a distinctive look and feel. To the best of our knowledge, we’re the only watch brand in the world to have a fully integrated and motionless square crown design, which protects the movement, heightens wearing comfort, and gives the case design its distinctly sleek look.

Where are the watches made?

Arcanaut produces as many of its components in Scandinavia as possible. The unique “Arc cases” and buckles are designed, machined, and hand-finished in Denmark by our manufacturing partners and in-house watchmaking team. Our stainless steel handsets are designed, laser-cut, and hand-finished in Copenhagen. The dials for every model are conceived and developed in Gothenburg, Sweden, by James “Black Badger” Thompson. In some instances (such as with the Fordite collection), James produces the dials by hand himself, resulting in a one-of-a-kind creation. In others, (such as the D’Arc Matter Colours Collection), the original composite is researched and developed by James before the dials are milled into shape, before returning to Sweden for the final hand-applied surface finish and lume application. 

In the current available collections, we use Soprod A10 calibers, which have a 60-hour power reserve and an operating frequency of 28,800vph. These are sourced from our partners in Switzerland. New, proprietary, also Swiss-made movements are currently in development and will be announced towards the end o 2023, with a view to them forming an integral part of our operation going forward.

Who is behind the brand?

The brand is driven by three main departments, each headed by individuals who brings their personal and professional experience to the mission.

Chief Designer and co-founder Anders Brandt creates our novelty concepts and product lines. His background in industrial design rather than traditional watchmaking enabled him to attack the industry with a fresh pair of eyes and a blank sheet of paper before him. The Arc case and its recognizable “Pentablock” crown are his inventions. They form the basis for everything we put inside the watches…

Chief of Materials Research and co-owner James Thompson is better known in the watch industry as Black Badger, a lume expert and materials alchemist who has partnered with some of the most prestigious and creative brands in the world. James cut his teeth in the industry by working directly with MB&F, De Bethune, Hautlence, MW & Co., Schofield Watch Company and others. What he brings to Arcanaut is an inimitable ability to see potential in the weirdest and wackiest materials, before wrestling them under control and crafting components able to enhance and reimagine the luxury watchmaking canon. 

Head of Brand Development Rob Nudds joined Arcanaut in 2022 on the back of almost two decades in the watch industry. A trained watchmaker, former sales executive, and prolific journalist, Rob has worked at the bench for the Swatch Group (primarily Omega) and Bremont, managed international sales accounts for NOMOS Glashütte in seventeen territories, and written for aBlogtoWatch, Revolution, Fratello, Time & Tide, and many more watch media outlets around the world. 

Why is Arcanaut important?

As one of the only brands in Denmark, and one of a small, close-knit band of emerging Nordic independents, Arcanaut endeavors to put Scandinavian design and manufacturing on the map, performing as many actions as is currently possible locally, relying only on Swiss-made components for the movement. 

Arcanaut fuses ascetic and sculptural case designs with unusual dial materials, creating a fusion that is unlike anything else in the watchmaking industry. By placing an emphasis on original, high-concept design and artisanal execution, the brand aims to combine the best aspects of traditional horology with a forward-thinking approach that aims to offer something hitherto unseen. 

The team is small, dynamic, and directly connected with the brand’s community. Ultimately, Arcanaut is run by watch lovers, for watch lovers, and the goal of bringing something genuinely new and exciting to a passionate fanbase is what drives the brand forward every day.





    Chief Designer & Brand Owner

    Anders Brandt is a watch geek with an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why he quit his day job as a consultant who advised big players such as LEGO and Maersk on how to develop new products and services, in favor of working full-time with designing and making great watches for fellow watch nerds. Anders’ philosophy is that he wants to make watches he’d love to wear himself — understated yet distinct — and that he wants to have fun while doing it. Keep up with Anders on Instagram @mrabrandt.


    Chief of Materials & Brand Owner

    James Thompson AKA Black Badger is all about experimenting. He’s travelled halfway across the globe from Canada to live in Sweden, and he makes jewellery out of materials you’ve never heard of for celebrities you’ve definitely heard of, like Robert Downey, Jr., Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Robert De Niro. James sees fascinating patterns and designs in just about everything, and has been an integral part of the Arcanaut mission since coming on board as a part-owner in 2020. You can find him on Instagram @blackbadger


    Head of Brand Development

    Rob has 20 years' experience in the watchmaking industry and is a WOSTEP-qualified watchmaker. He left the bench behind to become the Overseas Account Manager for NOMOS Glashütte in 17 territories, establishing an international profile in the process. As a journalist, he has contributed to many of the widest-read watch media platforms in the world. In 2020, he established his own watchmaking consultancy, joining Arcanaut as Head of Brand Development in 2022. You can follow him on Instagram @robnudds.


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