The Arcanaut Records

Hosted by Anders Brandt and James Thompson of Arcanaut, a small independent watch brand based out of Copenhagen Denmark.

The podcast is not just a circlejerk about watchmaking, but a look behind the scenes of how it is to build a new independent brand from scratch.


Tape 5 - New team member, fund raising and dog junk

In this episode we chat about welcoming a new team member onboard Team Arcanaut (Rob Nudds), how we’ve probably raised funds with no ties to help take the company to the next level. James also goes on a tangent about fake dog testicles.


Tape 4 - Geneva, phototypes and catfishing

In this episode we chat about our trip to Geneva (Geneva Watch Days), how we experiment with new designs, pyramid schemes and how to not get catfished on Instagram.


Tape 3 - Shipping, Star Trek and Politics

This should have been a Q&A, but we ended up only answering two questions: “Who’s the rest of the Arcanaut crew?”, and “Will you ever do a purple strap?, and we end up discussing politics and Star Trek. Just for clarification: We’re idiots, and we don’t know anything about anything, you should probably not listen to us.


Tape 2 - Angry old men vs. copy cats

In this episode we are discussing (and getting angry at) copy cats, “disrupters of the industry”, hustle mentality and many other things. Warning: This episode contains strong language that might offend some listeners (especially those who love homage watches).


Tape 1 - Why are we doing a podcast?

In this episode we talk about why we’re doing a podcast, how Arcanaut started, how James almost burned down his workshop and much more.

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